Plovdiv Regional Governor Zdravko Dimitrov and Edirne Regional Governor Günay Özdemir signed a Declaration of Cooperation and Collaboration

Edirne Governor Günay Özdemir was on an official visit in Plovdiv and met with the Regional Governor of Plovdiv Region Zdravko Dimitrov.

During the visit they signed a Declaration of Intent for Cooperation and Collaboration between Regional Administration – Plovdiv and Edirne District Government in order to strengthen and develop the existing international agreements in the field of trade, economics, science, agriculture, technology and cultural relations of the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Bulgaria to provide favorable conditions and initiate joint business activities and exchange between organizations in the regions of Edirne and Plovdiv.

The meeting was attended by: Hüseyin Ergani – Consul General of Turkey in Plovdiv, Ali Kemal Kurt – Chief of Edirne Police, Yaşar Yaman Ocak – Customs and Trade Director of Trakia Region, Musa Aşılıoğlu – Director of Migration Directorate in Edirne, Ahmet Hacıoğlu – Director of the Regional Directorate of Culture and Tourism in Edirne, Atilla Bayazıt – Director of the Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry – Edirne, Dr. Adnan Tülek – Director of the Thrace Institute for Agricultural Products – Edirne, Cemal Turan – Deputy Director of the Regional Directorate of education – Edirne, Recep Zıpkınkurt – Director of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Edirne, Fedai Canım – Chairman of the General Council of the Merchant Exchange, Cengiz Yorulmaz – Director of the Management Board of the Chamber of Commerce in Edirne and Mehmet Ali Erdem – Trade Attaché at the General Consulate of the Republic of Turkey in Plovdiv.

On the Bulgarian side, the Consul General of Bulgaria in Edirne – Vasil Vulchev, the Deputy Governors Evelina Apostolova and Petar Petrov, the Chief Secretary of the Regional Administration – Plovdiv – Borislav Dimov, the Commander of the 68th Special Forces Brigade – Brigadier-General Yavor Mateev, the Director of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior – Senior Commissioner Atanas Ilkov, the Director of the Border Police Directorate General – Svetlan Kichikov, the Director of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Haskovo – Angel Tsankov, the Deputy Rector of Agricultural University – Plovdiv – Prof. Hristina Yancheva, the Deputy Rector of University of Food Technologies – Prof. Yordanka Alexieva, the Director of the Department of Agriculture – Plovdiv regional office – Tatiana Bogoeva, the Director of the Regional Directorate of Forestry – Miroslav Dimitrov, the Head of Regional Inspectorate of Education – Plovdiv – Ivanka Kirkova and the President of Trakia Economic Zone Cluster – Eng. Plamen Panchev.

During the meeting were discussed topics for cooperation in the fields of trade and agriculture, culture, education and a Declaration of intent for cooperation between the Regional Administration – Plovdiv and the Edirne District Administration was signed.

The directions, included in the Declaration, are as follows: Implementation of common initiatives, actions and programs for the further development of cooperation between the two regions, programs for economic, educational and cultural exchange, implementation of activities for development of tourism and tourism exchange, development of the economy and entrepreneurship, cooperation in the fields of education, culture, health, sport and tourism.

During their conversation at the Regional Administration, the two Regional Governors discussed several important issues related to the good partnership between the two countries, including illegal migration and the Protocol of Understanding of 13 February 2007. Zdravko Dimitrov expressed his satisfaction that Plovdiv is the first Bulgarian city chosen to be European Capital of Culture and in 2019 it will celebrate the most prestigious cultural initiative of the European Union.

European Capital of Culture is a unique project for Bulgaria which provides new opportunities for the development of the potential of the city and new international visibility and a perspective on Bulgarian culture as a whole.

The Regional Governor of Plovdiv Region welcomed the guests and stated that the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation builds a sound foundation that will create long-lasting good neighborly and affiliate relations. He did not conceal the fact that his friendship with Mr. Özdemir is lasting and arose from the visit of the Governor of Edirne a year and a half ago, and the signing of this Declaration of Intent for Cooperation is due to this friendship.

Edirne Regional Governor Günay Özdemir thanked for the cordial reception and said the signing of the Declaration of Cooperation and Collaboration was a clear sign of the good intentions of both sides. He stressed that there is a potential for the realization of many projects in the economic and cultural spheres, agriculture, education and tourism.

The representatives of higher education institutions presented the opportunities for joint partnerships and cooperation, and Eng. Plamen Panchev presented the investment opportunities provided by Thrakia Economic Zone.

Other joint projects were discussed at the meeting in Regional Administration – Plovdiv to be implemented in the near future, the first step being taken with the organization of a meeting between business representatives from the two countries, which will be held in Edirne.

Meanwhile, a twinning contract between Secondary School “Bratya Miladinovi”- Plovdiv and Secondary School “Ataturk” in Edirne is being signed. The twinning relationship will be in the field of exchange of teachers and pupils, and development of common themes related to education. This will enable mutual understanding of both cultures.

At the end of his visit, Mr. Özdemir gave to the Regional Governor a valuable wood carving, depicting the Bulgarian “Iron church” St. Stefan in Istanbul and Zdravko Dimitrov handed him a plaquette of Regional Administration-Plovdiv and a picture with a view from the Old town of Plovdiv.