Art. 7a of the Rules of Procedure of the Regional Administrations

(1) (New, SG 52/07)  The Regional Governor may establish, by a written order , a commission to considered the proposals and the signals of citizens, organizations and the ombudsman related to the activities of the territorial units of the ministries and other administrative structures that provide administrative services as well as to the activities of bodies and organizations providing public services i n the territory of the region.

(2) Chairman of the commission under para. 1 is one of the vice regional governor s , and its members are officials from the r egional dministration.

(3) The commission under para. 1 shall carry out its activity in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 8 of the Administrative Procedure Code, such as:

  • accept and consider the received proposals and signals ;
  • assess the merits of the proposal or the signal , and if necessary, request additional information from the relevant administrative structures and / or organizations;
  • suggest to the Regional Governor to refer the matter to the competent authorities for the submitted proposal or signal ;
  • inform the sender of the proposal or the signal of the action s taken;
  • monitor the actions taken and the decision on the proposal or signal .

(4) For the fulfillment of the obligations under para. 3 the Regional Governor has the right to request information on the proceedings initiated on the proposals and signals submitted to him.

(5) The Commission prepare s an annual report on its activities and submit s it to the Regional Governor .

Art. 7b. (New – SG 52/07, effective 29.06.2007, previous text of Art . 7a, SG 35/2011, effective 3.05.2011)

(1) The R egional Governor establishes political cabinet that is directly subordinate to him.

(2) The political cabinet consists of the vice governors. The Regional Governor may entrust the implementation of the information policy to a public relations officer who is also part of the political cabinet.

(3) The Political Cabinet:

  • assists the Regional Governor in taking decisions that ensure the implementation of state policy within his powers ;
  • (New – SG 5/2010, effective 19.01.2010 ) exchanges information with the political cabinets of the members of the Council of Ministers as well as of the other regional governors on the implementation of government policy;
  • (previous paragraph 2 – SG 5/2010, effective 19.01.2010 ) organizes and ensures the effective communication of the R egional Governor with the other state bodies and with the public;

(4) (New – SG 5/2010, effective 19.01.2010 ) Performing its tasks under para. 3 the political cabinet has advisory, analytical and information functions.

Art. 7c. (New – SG 52/07, effective 29.06.2007, previous text of Art.7b, SG 35/2011, effective 3.05.2011) The public relations officer:

  • organizes and ensures the effective communication of the R egional Governor with the public;
  • is responsible for bringing the decisions of the Regional Governor to the attention of the public;
  • provides information on the public engagements and public appearances of the governor;
  • plans and ensures the effective communication of the Regional Governor with the mass media;
  • coordinates the coverage of the public appearances of the Regional Governor, vice regional governors and the regional administration officials in the mass media;
  • coordinates the organization of seminars, discussions and round tables;
  • organizes the publication of information on the web site of the regional administration;

(New – SG 5/2010, effective 19.01.2010 ) provides information to the Prime Minister’s Public Relations Division.

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